Prostatic Massage: How to Lose the Fear

 Prostatic Massage: How to Lose the Fear

There is a big taboo, especially among heterosexuals, about prostatic massage.

Largely due to some false information about what it is and the sexual benefits that this practice brings to those who practice it.

In this post, we'll talk a little more about what prostatic massage really is and some of its benefits.

I hope that this way, more people will lose their fear and incorporate the practice in their intimacy.

What is prostatic massage?

Lightly massaging the perineum (the point between the testicles and the anus). Circular movements in this area can help you feel a slight pressure in the region.

The second is by inserting one (or two) fully lubricated fingers into the anus and gently bending it forward (something like the "come here" gesture).

Benefits of Prostatic Massage

Now that we know what massage is and how to perform it, let's talk a little about its benefits for men's sexual health?

Best Orgasms

Massaging the prostate gently improves orgasm, especially during masturbation.

If the prostate has never been massaged before, it is common that the first few times a man may feel some discomfort.

More frequent and stronger ejaculations

A large part of the semen production comes from fluids produced in the prostate itself.

Therefore, by stimulating the prostate regularly, the man stimulates the production of more fluid.

So, time to break the taboo and give way to pleasure, right? ;)