Be Aware, Your Home Decor Can Have a Lot to Do With Your Libido!

That's exactly what you read in the title, but far be it from me to bring you a feng shui formula for sex. But one thing is undeniable: the environment we live in does influence our sexuality. Can you imagine yourself at ease and relaxed in a place full of white light, without comfortable places to lie down and with strange smells? I can't, and I imagine that you can't either. It's not about bringing a heart-shaped bed, exposed sex toys, and a mirror on the ceiling, no, it's all about the subtlety of the little details.

There are 4 elements, which, at least in my theory, are fundamental to generate sensations of warmth, which can soon become an extra impulse to explore other forms of pleasure. And the elements are: Lighting, smells, textures and privacy.


For more than a decade now I have waged a war against white light, that fluorescent light that dominates most Brazilian homes, and I'll tell you the reason why: it is boring as hell! Our body needs 8 hours of daylight, 8 hours of twilight, and 8 hours of darkness. So imagine, after a whole day at work with a super strong light (even more for those who work in hospitals, pharmacies, offices, etc), coming home and instead of resting your eyes, you turn on another strong light, combined with the cell phone and television screens, there is no mind that can understand that it is time to relax. A lampshade (or a few) with half light, or even candles, change people's lives. Take it from me: they change lives! Even those little yellow Christmas lights can help to improve the mood, they are on the shelves of any Dollar Tree, and can work miracles when money is tight but the desire to " spruce up" the environment is greater.


 It may be that you live somewhere polluted in a metropolis where the smell of smoke rises up, or there may be nothing wrong with the smell of the house itself, but I have a motto that is "there is nothing so good that there is no way to make it even better". That's why I take aromatic candles everywhere, even to hotels when I travel (I miss them, too), and I also love those home scent sprays. Aromatherapy is a subtle, yet effective way to ease anxiety, insomnia, stress, and several other ghosts that haunt us more and more nowadays. To calm down: The champion is lavender essential oil. To bring more energy: Citrus essential oils, rosemary, peppermint, and others. Fresh flowers and plants, like eucalyptus, are also welcome when we need aroma and beauty.


 This is the most tactile part of the 4 elements. Texture tells us about everything that touches our skin. Bedding, lingerie fabrics, sofas, pillows, everything that embraces us in a certain way. Life is too short to lean on uncomfortable things, so this part asks for a little more investment. Do you spend a lot of time on the sofa and it gives you back pain? You don't need to change it all at once, but adaptations are necessary, think about support cushions that ease the discomfort. Any place we sit or lie down to rest is also a potential place for something else to happen, so to avoid the risk of jamming your spine in the middle of the fun, make adjustments. That bedding that you got but it stings, no matter how nice it is, won't help you either. The key here is quality, not quantity. Better three sheets that smell nice and soft than ten that are rough. Better an old, super-comfortable armchair than a new, hard sofa set. Got it?


Of course, none of the above 3 will help the libido if you lack privacy. So if you have roommates, make sure you agree on a time when the other people in the house will be out of the house so you can enjoy the spaces alone. Or leave a sign on the door when you don't want to be disturbed. Is the bathroom the most private place? Bring these elements into it. For those who live with their partner and want to have a moment of solo sex, it is also worth asking "honey, I need a little time to myself, do you mind not going into the bedroom for now? And this applies to most scenarios. Extra tip: Always have your favorite playlist/music handy when you need no one to hear you or your vibrators.